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Infront has extensive experience designing, building and marketing over 1000 websites, e-Commerce sites, custom web applications & responsive and mobile sites. We have been in business since 1994 working with clients across multiple industries, including manufacturing, travel/tourism, sports, health care, government and non-profit. Our team of web designers, developers, project managers and marketers have more combined experience than any other digital agency in Colorado Springs. A professionally designed website will impress your clientele and industry. Our extensive e-Commerce experience and our up-to-date experience with the Big Commerce platform allow us to create custom solutions for our clients. Our marketing department offers aggressive SEO management programs. With our teams combined we can create an impressive and competitive online presence.


Infront e-Commerce Web Design and Development

Customization sets Infront apart from other digital agencies. Our experts understand the importance of a company’s image and brand. We use our industry experience and best practices along with a perfected-over-time client interview process to ensure the perfect design for your e-Commerce site. Big Commerce offers a wide range of themes, fonts and colors to choose from, but here at Infront our team builds custom styles that fit your business, brand and image, guaranteed to align with existing style guides and impress everyone. With our team of experts and our extensive knowledge of the Big Commerce platform, we develop responsive, professional and modern sites that are built for the user. Our team of experienced staff know how to tread complicated waters because we’ve been there before. Here at Infront Webworks, we are confident in saying, there is no project too big or too small. Our team provides services such as API integration, responsive design and development, as well as, custom web apps, just to name a few.

Infront e-Commerce SEO

We have added intelligent and knowledgeable staff to our Marketing Department which has strengthened us to new levels. SEO and Marketing is one of our strong suites, and having an e-commerce store without SEO and Marketing, just doesn’t make any sense. We provide extensive reports monthly and have several different programs to increase traffic and visibility to the site. Our impressive team has top-of-the-line tools to manage your SEO and marketing.

Infront e-Commerce Data Migration

Migration is a difficult task, but with the right team it becomes smoother and faster. Sometimes there is some data that cannot be migrated, but with Infront’s help we will determine what is possible and guide you, your company and your customers through this process, coming out with a fresh, clean and professional site.

Infront e-Commerce Custom Web Applications

Infront strives to reach every client's needs in order to model their business/agency perfectly. In doing so, Infront customizes, creates, develops and designs strategic web applications, customized for every client. We will help you choose the best tools available to fit your business model.

Infront e-Commerce Mobile Websites

Infront strives to create user friendly websites. Nowadays most everyone has a smartphone and they use it on a daily basis. On the go users find it is easier to look up companies on their phone and click to call them or just to get directions. Either way, if a site doesn't have a mobile view, most will click off the website right away. Especially for e-Commerce sites, mobile and responsive designs are easier for people to use; they can buy a product and pick it up later that day if they choose, or maybe they are already in the store, but different variations of a product exist online that aren't in the store. There are tons of different uses for mobile designs. That is why Infront designs 100% responsive and mobile designs. Let's help keep your customers and gain new ones together with our responsive e-Commerce sites.

Infront's Managed SEO Programs

Infront doesn't just want to help you build your website, we want you to be successful with it and grow your business. We have become a one stop shop for all your website needs, including managed SEO. We have an impressive and competitive team of experts here to propel your business forward.

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• Digital goods (e.g., print, media, music, gaming)
• Media & Entertainment
• Non-profit
• Retail
• Wholesale/Manufacturing




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