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Vesta eCommerce automates the process of onboarding vendor product data and getting it into the right format to load directly into your BigCommerce store. With Vesta, eliminate up to 90% of the manual labor in online store maintenance, allowing you to list more products in your online store and keep them updated over time. Vesta does this by setting up automated workflows to source product data and assets from vendors. The incoming product data is normalized and transformed into the format needed for your PIM or BigCommerce store.


Vendor product onboarding from any source

Vesta will set up automated workflows to source product data and updates from each of your vendors continuously over time. Vesta will directly contact your suppliers and work with them to establish which sharing method will suit them best. Sourcing methods include: Vendor data portals - Suppliers quickly and easily upload product information including assets such as photos and videos to the Vesta Vendor Portal. Extraction of vendor data from FTP - Vesta works with your vendors to link directly via API to their data source whether it be ERP or FTP. Vendor website or PDF scraping - If the supplier is unable to provide product information, we can scrape the information needed from the vendor website.

Product data cleaning and transformation

Transform vendor product data into the format you need for your BigCommerce store. This is done through 3 key processes. 1/ Map and merge the incoming vendor data feeds into a normalized product file. 2/ Vesta’s transformation engine will transform the data into the format and architecture needed for your BigCommerce store. 3/ Vesta’s Validation Engine identifies errors such as incorrect formats, missing fields, or duplicates. These errors are highlighted, ready for easy correction within the Vesta Portal.

Sync products and updates direct to your BigCommerce store

Keep product page content in your online store up to date with product changes collected continuously and synced directly from Vesta to your PIM or online store. This enables you to quickly and easily load new products to your online store, including all of their rich product content. Update existing products with new information from your vendors. Show accurate pricing and inventory levels. Identify and turn off product availability for discontinued products.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• Books & Magazines
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Consumer Electronics
• Education
• Home & Interiors
• Sports & Equipment
• Toys & Games



Vesta eCommerce - stocking digital shelves

Struggling with the time-consuming task of getting product data and assets from suppliers? Let Vesta eCommerce take care of that, delivering you more complete and accurate product information to flow into your PIM or eCommerce store.


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