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You wouldn’t open a store without any products, so why do the same online? Simple, it is much harder working with hundreds of suppliers to stock your digital shelves than your physical ones. At least, it used to be…until now! Vesta Central helps connect industry Suppliers, Retailers and Marketing professionals through one central Product Information Distribution Platform. Months or even years of manual data keying and product gathering can now be collected in a matter of days thanks to Vesta Centrals unique product mapping and collection power. By using the power of Vesta Central you can spend less time worrying about having the right product data and more time promoting your store and providing great service to your customers.


Retail Portal

The Vesta Central Retail Portal gives you complete viability of all the product data being provided by your suppliers. Quickly and easily view what images, descriptions, videos and more have been made available to you. Receive notifications any time data changes or new data is supplied and sync with your store so updates are pushed through directly. Retail Portal lets you merge your own data with that of suppliers keeping content fresh and unique for SEO, letting you focus on your core ranges while having confidence that the rest of your catalogue still has high quality product data provided directly from the products source.

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