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Shero Commerce is a full-service agile agency specializing in custom BigCommerce sites designed for optimized conversions and long-term growth. Our specialties include design, ERP and e-Fulfillment integrations, Optimization, Paid Search, and Ongoing Support. We're a one-stop source for established mid-size to enterprise businesses who already sell online. Offering unmatched customer services and tech support, we take the time to get to know each of our customers personally, and to form solutions that are expertly crafted to help you achieve your business goals.


Discovery & Design

One advantage of BigCommerce is the collection of carefully vetted, responsive themes available for purchase in its theme store. A theme of this kind can often be a good starting place for an eCommerce store, but it rarely meets all the store’s unique requirements out of the box. Fortunately, BigCommerce is highly customizable, whether we are making small modifications to a purchased theme or building a new theme from scratch. At the beginning of each project, Shero engages with each client in a careful discovery process, exploring questions like: What are the eCommerce pain points that you would most like to solve? What are the tools, methods, and systems that are crucial to the operation of your business? What are your short and long-term eCommerce goals? What is your business’ brand, and how can it be best reflected on your storefront? Is BigCommerce the best solution to your present needs? With a thoroughly documented understanding of your goals, our designers and developers collaborate to create a realistic vision of the end product. This includes mockups of your site’s eventual design, from branding an existing BigCommerce theme to building an entirely custom one. Contact us to learn how Shero can combine the reliability of the BigCommerce platform with the creative capabilities of an experienced eCommerce power team.


Beneath its user-friendly exterior, BigCommerce is a platform with a powerful capacity for customization and expansion. Its robust API and modular framework enable developers to integrate an endless variety of tools and services to meet the unique needs of almost any eCommerce business. Shero knows how. If you like BigCommerce but are concerned that your unique business workflow, complex systems or ambitious UX goals seem like more than the marketplace can handle, talk to us. With years of experience in eCommerce and an international team of expert developers, Shero can devise and realize any kind of integration, including: Configuring existing BigCommerce apps Syncing with complex business tools like ERPs and CRMs Facilitating unique order fulfillment workflows Incorporating custom or 3rd-party UX tools …and more! Your business is unique. Why settle for an online store that is anything less?

PPC Management

Our eCommerce PPC Management solutions are relational and not transactional. We are eCommerce experts that focus on increasing the ROI of your Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Every campaign we work on is created from the ground up: built on our understanding of your business, and strengthened by our commitment to long-lasting relationships. We approach each campaign with three principal goals: Increase traffic to your website via organic and paid sources Increase brand awareness Increase the number of inquiries/sales received through your website We achieve this by implementing and optimizing a cost-effective PPC advertising campaign which delivers a consistent ROI. Ongoing eCommerce PPC Management; To begin, we evaluate each ad group’s performance over the previous 30 days – isolating any that are not offering sufficient ROI, and working out whether we need to pause them, take certain keywords out, or add new keywords in to tap into a slightly different subset of your target audience. Once problem areas have been looked into, we spend time looking for new opportunities that allow us to expand the campaign with the budget freed up from any removed keywords, while maintaining the current average ROAS. Aside from optimizing ad groups and tapping into new opportunities, we also work on improving ad text via Adwords built-in A/B testing facilities and refining the best performing ads each month to ensure that we get the best possible CTR’s, and the highest Quality Scores. We also aim for a consistent monthly Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) within the first three months by tweaking current ad groups to eliminate underperforming keywords, seeking out new keywords with high ROI opportunities, and improving quality scores across the board, which allows us to run more ads per dollar spent and increase your ROAS. Improve your PPC ROI by contacting us today to see how we can help you manage your Google/Bing Shopping Feeds, and Magento & eCommerce PPC campaign.

SEO Audit

BigCommerce comes with a great set of SEO tools, but that doesn’t guarantee optimal results. Search Engine Optimization requires a combination of design, content, and strategy that can’t be automated. If your BigCommerce site isn’t as visible as you’d like, or if you’re thinking of switching to BigCommerce to improve your site’s rankings, an SEO audit from Shero can bring clarity to the complexity of SEO. By performing a careful and thoroughly documented review of every aspect of your website, Shero is able to provide a comprehensive analysis and strategy for SEO: Meta Content, tags, and accessibility Site content structure and relevance Site architecture and compatibility Friendly URLs and redirects Error handling BigCommerce and Google Analytics Speed and Performance Design and UX …and much more. Don’t leave the performance of your BigCommerce store to chance and guesswork. Contact us to learn how Shero can help your storefront stand out from the crowd.


As a professional SaaS platform, BigCommerce offers storefront owners the dependability of secure hosting and automatic updates to core software. As an experienced eCommerce development agency, Shero can build on that foundation to provide a suite of valuable support services that help keep your site up-to-date and working at peak performance. Support services provided by Shero include: Responsive Technical Support & Troubleshooting Content Updates Design Modifications Custom Development & Integration UI, UX and Marketing Strategy Strategic Planning & Consultation Training & Tutorials …and more! Adding Shero to your team means that your BigCommerce website is being monitored and managed by eCommerce professionals while you focus on your business. Contact us to schedule a consultation!

UI/UX Audit

What are the hidden factors that are keeping your eCommerce business from realizing its potential? With the comprehensive analysis of our UX/UI audit, you’ll be able to pinpoint areas of opportunity in your store and how to improve the user flow that converts visitors into customers. The entire focus of the UX/UI audit is on evaluating your users’ needs and improving your user’s experience and satisfaction, which directly correlate with improving your store’s rate of conversion. During the audit, we’ll identify elements that don’t comply with recognized usability principles, as well as inconsistent elements that are increasing your bounce rate, and we’ll suggest solutions for fixing them. Our Unique Approach In UX/UI audit we analyze your store’s usability and functionality, balancing best practices within the eCommerce industry with the special qualities of your business to propose the best approach to success. Using tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar, we’ll learn more about your users, their habits and behavior. This gives us a large amount of data that we can draw upon to tailor solutions unique to your business. What you will get with our UX/UI audit? A detailed report with findings from Google Analytics and Hotjar A detailed explanation of usability issues found on the main pages such as Homepage, Category page, Product page, Cart and Checkout, as well as suggested solutions for them. A detailed overview of user interface elements that should be improved Summary of all findings with listed top priorities

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