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The world of e-commerce and digital marketing is full of specialists, and we are proud to say that we most definitely are not specialists. Four Six Commerce is a different kind of agency. We’re “big picture” people that deliver a comprehensive suite of e-commerce strategies and services. Our clients? The little guys. The startups. The underdogs. Launching a new online retail business or managing one that’s struggling? Want to launch a store with BigCommerce? Need to improve your MailChimp campaigns? ChannelAdvisor client stuck in a rut? Looking to effectively market your business digitally? Let us help with all of that. We are the e-commerce partner that you never knew existed! We supporting small businesses in our own innovative style.


E-Commerce Development & Strategic Planning

Starting a new online venture or trying to take an existing one to the next level? We have more than a decade of experience turning a humble eBay operation into a profitable, multi-channel global business. Let us put the broad set of skills we developed along the way to work for you. Free initial consultations for new clients.

Digital Marketing Analysis, Planning, & Execution

There are a nearly endless number of ways to market your business. Google, Facebook, Instagram, video, blogs, emails, and much more. We know that your time and your budgets are limited. Let our experts help you identify the marketing opportunities most likely to produce. We'll teach you best practices, develop a strategic marketing plan for you, do as much setup as you like, and then let you take it from there!

ChannelAdvisor Integration, Setup, & Consulting

Four Six Commerce is proud to be an official partner with ChannelAdvisor, the industry’s leading multi-channel e-commerce platform! We have thousands of hours of hands-on experience with ChannelAdvisor’s software. If you’re not familiar with ChannelAdvisor, their solution can handle all of your complex product data and connect to your Bigcommerce store as well as dozens of marketplaces around the globe. ChannelAdvisor’s application also handles customer and order data while seamlessly integrating with fulfillment solutions. There is a cost to all of this amazing functionality, though: a significant learning curve! We’ve worked with a number of ChannelAdvisor clients who love the software but simply don’t know how to get the very most out of it for their own business. That's where we come in. We know Bigcommerce. We know ChannelAdvisor. Where ChannelAdvisor’s launch and support teams end, we pick up the slack. We work with clients to make sure that they’re creating product data in the most efficient fashion and organizing that data in a way to pass it effectively to all the sales channels. Let us help you use utilize ChannelAdvisor to push your Bigcommerce store to the next level.

Email Marketing Done Right

We are proud to be official "Experts" with MailChimp. It is our email marketing platform of choice. While we do offer do-it-for-you email marketing services, many of our clients actually prefer our hands-on approach to training them on MailChimp. Our team will help integrate MailChimp with your Bigcommerce store, ensure your customer data is well organized, create strategic plans to get you the maximum bang for your buck from email marketing, and then create custom templates (if needed) to set you up for future success. Once you feel like you're ready to take over and manage your own email marketing program, we'll let you do exactly that. We love MailChimp and we're confident you'll love it, too. Let us show you the way.

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