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Dunn Solutions is a digital commerce and business transformation consultancy focused on delivering Velocity to our clients. Velocity is achieved by the combination of both speed and direction. Dunn Solutions helps our clients achieve speed by automating business processes and direction using advanced analytics. Our teams align with organizations to optimize their unique processes and help them discover the most profitable routes to business success. Dunn Solutions' service offerings leverage the strength of our already assembled team of experts combined with the power of our cloud based partners to bring new solutions online quickly. Our services include architecting, implementing, hosting, and managing custom e-business applications and analytics based on our clients’ needs.


B2B E-commerce Consulting and Development

Dunn Solutions B2B E-commerce Consulting and Services provides B2B companies an opportunity to meet their markets growing demands head on – and then exceed them. Our B2B E-commerce Solutions promote customer retention through ease of access and process, create higher order frequency, increase average order value, as well as cross-sell/up-sell opportunities. Leveraging top technologies we are able to build complex and unique e-commerce platforms that fit specific organizational goals.

DXP Consulting and Development Services

Dunn Solutions DXP & portal experts help companies devise DXP & portal strategies that optimize their relationships with their customers, partners, suppliers, idea generators, and project teams. Your company may be facing any number of business issues where Dunn Solutions DXP experts can help.

Marketing Automation Solutions

From the very first lead generating touchpoint, to nurturing brand advocates, our solutions incorporate every stage customers travel through on their unique journeys. Our goal is to provide companies with a complete marketing automation solutions in order to provide highly customized communications and offers to customers while optimizing ROI and profitability on all channels of marketing efforts.

Custom Application Development

Dunn Solutions Group has been delivering application development services since its inception in 1988. Our application development experts work with our clients to understand their business objectives and advise on how to develop solutions designed to meet their budget and objectives. And on every project, we follow our Assurity™ methodology, which incorporates strict management principles and quality assurance.

Machine Learning Consulting

Dunn Solutions has taken the computational power of cloud computing and the expertise of our data scientists to develop powerful machine learning solutions. Dunn Solutions' Machine Learning Consultants will help your organization increase revenue, maximize marketing campaign effectiveness, acquire new customers and retain existing customers through machine learning and data science. To effectively achieve these goals you need Machine Learning; the marriage of data science, computer science and statistics. Understanding that not everyone who is trying to sell to customers has access to these core competencies, Dunn Solutions offers our Machine Learning solutions.

Marketing Mix Modeling & ROI Optimization

Dunn Solutions Marketing Mix experts will show you how to maximize return on marketing investment (MROI, ROMI or ROI) by creating a marketing mix model based on your data. Dunn Solutions Marketing Mix consultants use machine learning to mine your marketing and sales data and build predictive models that work with math and statistics and not gut feel.

Product Cross-Sell Consulting

The cost of new customer acquisition keeps increasing, leveraging existing customers and selling more to them is the best option for increasing sales. Dunn Solutions' Product Cross-sell Consulting provides your organization with a list of product cross-sell recommendations to increase revenue and profit with existing and new customers.

Promotional Pricing Model Consulting

Dunn Solutions' Promotional Pricing Model Consulting uses machine learning to provide the right promotional price. Would you offer a promotional price of 50% off if you knew that a 35% discount would be as effective? Of course not, that would be leaving money on the table. Dunn Solutions' Promotional Pricing Model Consulting provides the promotional price to move this inventory and maximizing profit.

Customer Segmentation Consulting

Dunn Solutions' data science team leverages the power of machine learning to identify key differentiators that divide customers into groups that can be targeted more effectively. With Dunn Solutions Customer & Market Segmentation Consulting, you will gain a deeper understanding of your customers preferences, discover who the most valuable customers are, and classify the new prospects into the correct segment.

Customer Churn Reduction Consulting

Dunn Solutions' Customer Churn Reduction Consulting uses power of machine learning to create a churn propensity model that works with your data. You simply upload your sales, product, customer and web traffic data and the machine learning algorithm will exploit patterns found in the data to identify the customers in the early stage of their attrition phase. Further, the Customer Churn Reduction Consulting calculates the customer lifetime value of each existing customer, so that you can give the highest priority to the riskiest and most valuable customers. In our experience, an average improvement of 5% in consumer retention rates translates to an average increase of 20% in profitability. That's money left on the table if you don't identify churners with Dunn Solutions' Customer Churn Reduction Consulting.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• Beauty & Skincare
• Books & Magazines
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Consumer Electronics
• Education
• Fashion & Accessories
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Wellness
• Home & Interiors
• Jewelry
• Sports & Equipment
• Toys & Games




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