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The WSI St. Louis office provides Ecommerce and digital marketing services to both small and midsized B2B and B2C companies. Our Ecommerce experience includes projects with a single product to projects with hundreds of thousands of products. We understand that Ecommerce is not just about putting a shopping cart on your website, it’s about adjusting your business to be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to prospective buyers, current customers and even business partners. We excel at helping companies transform their business to an always-on business for the always-connected buyer.


Ecommerce Strategy and Business Modeling

Ecommerce is not just about putting a shopping cart on your website, it’s about adjusting your business to be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to prospective buyers, current customers and even business partners. Your Ecommerce journey will involve marketing, merchandising, sales, operations, finance, accounting and human resource functions. It will also define your vendor and supplier relationships. We use an Ecommerce Business Model to help our clients create an efficient and profitable Ecommerce business. Our Ecommerce Business Model uses the Business Model Canvas as a base model which is then modified to support the unique aspects of Ecommerce. The Ecommerce Business Model will define the optimal model for your Ecommerce business. It will also provide a framework that allows you to challenge and change your Ecommerce business model as your overall business changes or outside factors affect your company. Ecommerce modeling will uncover opportunities for process improvements, sales growth, profitability growth, competitive advantages, business partner collaborations and more. Essentially it will provide your company the path to Ecommerce success.

Ecommerce Technology Selection

Our Ecommerce experts work with your business and IT staff to develop a detailed list of business and technology requirements that can be used to match your requirements to the capabilities of any Ecommerce system. We look at sales, marketing, operations, finance, IT, and human resources because every area of your business will be impacted by Ecommerce. We will also consider and address your customer, supplier, and business partner needs. Our experts help you through the process of matching the best technology to your requirements, all the way from the initial list of technology vendors to consider, through the signing of contracts, making sure that your company’s interests are always covered.

Ecommerce Project Management

We offer project management services to clients who don't have internal project managers experienced in leading Ecommerce projects. We strongly believe that companies need to take ownership of the success of their Ecommerce projects so we perform our services as if we were a vested executive in the company. Our project managers have managed very small projects to multi-million dollar projects, successfully completing projects on time, on budget, and with the agreed upon capabilities. We know how to manage your Ecommerce project so the first working day of your new Ecommerce solution is the first day of your Ecommerce growth.

Ecommerce Marketplace Strategy and Implementation

Ecommerce marketplaces want your customers and the marketplaces have the money and the staff to work on providing an exceptional experience to those customers in order to get them and keep them. We help our clients determine the best marketplace approach for their company based on business goals and the competitive environment. We also assist clients in setting up their business on appropriate marketplaces and optimizing their presence to get the best return on investment. We consider the client's merchandising, pricing, fulfillment, brand building, customer service and sales channel strategies as well as the limitations and opportunities available with each marketplace.

Ecommerce Marketing Review

A successful Ecommerce system includes marketing solutions that drive traffic to your Ecommerce store, improve conversion of your browsers to buyers, increase your average order value and profitability, increase the lifetime value of the customer, and provide superior customer service. Our review will identify the Ecommerce marketing solutions that should be implemented or improved to give you immediate results. We can then assist you in implementing the solutions or provide guidance and education to your internal staff to ensure a successful implementation.

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