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Sell more by reaching new customers quickly, save significant time & money, merchandise your products better than before. Jasper PIM is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution helping retailers manage and merchandise their product information so that they can unify their entire technology stack and optimize the way they sell and market their products or services into new channels around the world. Jasper PIM helps all categories of merchants scale their product management operations with ease. It creates a central repository for complete product data, enables two-way data syncs across entire connected technology stacks, supports multiple languages and currencies, across all sales channels and storefronts. Sell More. Sell Faster. Work Smarter with Jasper PIM.


Product Information Management

Jasper PIM is the bridge between your front end website shopping platform, in-store Point of Sale systems, affiliate sales channels, and internal ERP, CRM, inventory control, and accounting back-office systems. Product data flows inbound manually or automatically to the PIM from connected business systems. Customers then enhance that data by adding media, marketing, and promotional information. Next, users merchandise their products – customizing which products to highlight on a variety of selling channels. Finally, the PIM automatically publishes new or updated product content to all connected selling channels quickly and accurately.


Best for small to medium size businesses, with maximum 3 storefronts, handling up-to 50,000 SKUs on BigCommerce, Magento or Shopify platform. Jasper will manage and merchandise complete product information for small to medium online retailers from a centralized PIM. This will help merchants : Sell more by reaching new customers quickly Save significant time and money merchandising your products better


Best for medium size businesses, with maximum 15 storefronts, handling up-to 150,000 SKUs on BigCommerce, Magento or Shopify platform. Jasper will help medium scale enterprises scale more and scale faster by managing their product information to optimize the way they sell and market their products or services into new channels around the world.


Best for medium to large size businesses, with maximum 50 storefronts, handling up-to 500,000 SKUs on BigCommerce, Magento or Shopify platform. Japer PIM will ensure to promptly cater to the the fast growing product information requirements of Enterprise merchants. Jasper will store their steadily growing product information into its primary source of truth - the PIM. So that enterprise merchants can streamline information and speedily reach multiple marketplaces or channels, using multiple languages or currencies. This will help enterprise merchants to efficiently manage several eCommerce stores across the globe.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• B2B
• Education/Publishing
• Electronics
• Fashion/Jewelry
• Food/Beverage
• Health/Beauty
• Home/Garden
• Non-profit
• Sports/Outdoors
• Toys/Games
• Wholesale/Manufacturing


JASPER PIM - FUTURE-PROOF Your eCommerce Strategy

Manually wrangling product information in spreadsheets across fragmented platforms is error prone and time consuming; it simply does not scale. Our PIM solution centralizes product data and connects it holistically with your accounting platform, your point-of-sale system, your ERP, your CRM, your shopping cart, and any other marketplace or back office application, providing your business with a professional eCommerce infrastructure for growth.


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