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Activant Solutions is a full-service e-commerce Growth Agency that provides forward-thinking Digital Marketing services, a cutting-edge SEO app, and versatile 24x7 Managed Live Chat Agents Support & Sales Leads Generation service for stores worldwide. Our team of 200+ highly professional in-house experts, backed by 19 years of experience, are masters of all trades. We elevate e-commerce stores of all sizes to their highest search engine rankings ever and enable them to thrive there forevermore. Our battle-tested digital marketing acumen & strategy ensure that your e-commerce store will navigate search engine algorithms effortlessly. With our homegrown, 5-star rated Swiss knife SEO app, we are redefining DIY SEO. Our 24x7 Managed Live Chat Agents service excels at managing and fostering e-commerce growth.



Unlock the potential of your BigCommerce store with SEOKart's Managed SEO services. Discover the perfect blend of keywords for your e-commerce niche with advanced Keyword Research, ensuring a strategic approach targeting intent-based, low-competition, high-search-volume, and wide-ranged keywords.

Elevate your On-page SEO game with SEOKart's expertise in keyword placement and content optimization. Our specialized approach ensures that your On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, & Technical SEO meets and exceeds all criteria, helping your store stand out in search results.


Introducing DeskMoz's 24x7 Managed Live Chat Agents Service, where customer support meets excellence round the clock. Our highly skilled team provides seamless experiences, ensuring your business stays on top.

Outsource your live chat support to us for precision and professionalism that boosts satisfaction, conversions, and business growth. Our tailored solutions integrate seamlessly with your strategy, backed by years of experience for elevated support capabilities. Experience the DeskMoz difference and see your engagement and sales soar.


Introducing DeskMoz's 24x7 Managed Live Chat Lead Generation Service, your all-day access to generating qualified leads. Our skilled Live Chat Agents are dedicated to capturing and converting leads into valuable opportunities, ensuring a continuous flow of prospects for your business.

Outsource your lead generation efforts to DeskMoz and rely on our experts to engage, qualify, and nurture leads seamlessly. We tailor our strategies to your goals and audience, leveraging live chat technology to drive engagement and conversions while guaranteeing round-the-clock availability for maximum lead capture. Partner with DeskMoz for proactive lead generation strategies that drive business growth.


  • Automotive (Car dealerships, auto repair shops, car rental services)
  • Beauty & Skincare (Salons, spas, cosmetic brands)
  • Business Services (Consulting firms, law firms, accounting services)
  • Consumer Electronics (Electronics retailers, gadget manufacturers)
  • E-commerce (Online retail stores, e-commerce platforms)
  • Education (Schools, colleges, universities, online learning platforms)
  • Entertainment (Media outlets, entertainment companies, event organizers)
  • Fashion & Apparel (Clothing brands, fashion designers, accessories)
  • Financial Services (Banks, insurance companies, investment firms)
  • Food & Beverage (Restaurants, cafes, food delivery services, beverage companies)
  • Healthcare & Wellness (Hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, fitness studios)
  • Home & Lifestyle (Home decor, interior design, home improvement services)
  • Hospitality & Travel (Hotels, travel agencies, tour operators)
  • Real Estate (Real estate agencies, property developers, property management)
  • Retail (Brick-and-mortar stores, retail chains)
  • Sports & Fitness (Sports clubs, gyms, fitness equipment brands)
  • Technology & IT (Software companies, IT services providers, tech startups)
  • Telecommunications (Telecom providers, internet service providers)
  • Transportation & Logistics (Shipping companies, logistics services)
  • Non-profit & Charity Organizations (NGOs, charitable foundations)



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