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At Altudo, we help build seamless, experience driven, contextual commerce across channels. With over 400 employees spread across 5 countries, our team is a rich combination of CX & marketing strategists, mar-tech experts, creative designers, architects, analysts, and developers. We’ve completed over 2000 projects for 200+ clients including 45 Fortune 500 firms, to help deliver ROI using their MarTech stack including commerce, CMS, marketing automation, CRM, and analytics. We specialize in bringing content and commerce together. Altudo is known for its expertise in D2C (Direct To Consumer) and B2B commerce. Our clients include leaders in CPG, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare, Insurance, Travel, and Retail. Our ‘outside-in’ approach starts with a view of the customer journey map & personas.


Experience driven commerce

Today, commerce is driven by experiences. Consumers begin their shopping journey with your brand through an interconnected process of search, evaluation & purchase across channels. What makes them make their decision to hit the purchase button or abandon cart? - A seamless, personalized experience. At Altudo, we help you build scalable, profitable, and personalized experiences with a human connect, leveraging best-in -class ecommerce platforms. • Creating unified commerce experiences leveraging BigCommerce. • Driving retention & loyalty through personalized customer experiences. • Creating commerce strategy & implementing best practices. • Integrating your commerce to sales and customer support through platforms. • Improving digital reach, awareness and recall.

Revenue Engine

Brands are now competing on CX, 1:1 personalized experiences. The success of marketing teams is no longer measured by number of campaigns run- but on Revenue Impact & Customer Value. Our Revenue Engine Framework brings together CX & Demand Gen Strategy, 1:1 Personalization & Engagement Analytics, Mar-Tech stacks & Cross Channel Orchestration to curate engagement experiences for your customers & drive revenue outcomes. Revenue Engine brings CX strategy, demand gen processes, Martech stack and data strategy together to improve customer experience and drive revenue outcomes. • Higher volume of leads • Better quality of leads • Better insights and ROI through revenue reporting • Better and more satisfactory customer experience • Results as quickly as 30 days!

Direct- To - Consumer Success For CPG Brands

TODAY, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE DRIVES COMMERCE. The CPG industry has undergone rapid transformation in the past few years. While Omnichannel delivery, subscription models & personalization have become the norm, the COVID-19 impact has redefined a new normal by changing the consumer needs, and their buying behavior. Customer Experience (CX) is the biggest differentiator for brands today, and brands are struggling to come to terms with the new consumer expectations. We help you achieve your business KPIs Our deep expertise with deep CPG and commerce allows us to help brands get found, create rich content experiences, build customer intimacy and enable commerce. Improve customer intimacy Create engaging digital experiences Improve DTC commerce Launch personalized campaigns at scale Improve digital measurement and analytics Drive digital innovation Improve customer service

CX Tech Strategy

GET ROI FROM YOUR MARTECH INVESTMENTS & ACHIEVE YOUR BUSINESS KPIs - FASTER Global spending on marketing technology is set to increase to over $640 B by 2022. With over 7000 martech tools available today, expenditure on technology to enable marketing & CX - contributes upto 30% of marketing budgets. Are you getting value from your martech investments ? And more importantly, are you able to measure their impact on CX improvement & business KPIs? We help you create the roadmap. Customer driven insight Understand customer needs – Map customer journey Leverage best practice insight to inform strategy Capabilities Blueprint Identify capabilities based on current and future state needs of CX Map capabilities to customer journey CX Tech Blueprint Align the technology platforms and architecture to support capabilities Select using agile or waterfall People and Processes Blueprint Identify the people required to address and support every state of CX Map processes to customer journey for every sate of CX Data Blueprint Create a Single View of Customer Data activation plan for personalized marketing Roadmap Outline a recommended approach and timeline to deliver the capabilities

Verticals Serviced
• Beauty & Skincare
• Books & Magazines
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Consumer Electronics
• Education
• Fashion & Accessories
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Wellness
• Home & Interiors
• Jewelry
• Sports & Equipment
• Toys & Games



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