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Snowdog is a company that excels at growing and scaling eCommerce businesses. Our innovative solutions allow us to help you transform your eCommerce and build great CX. We are specialists in Unified Commerce, Digital Accessibility, UX/UI Design. Our services include BigCommerce, Commercetools, Adobe Commerce/Magento, and Unified Commerce implementations; Mobile Solutions Digital Accessibility Audits and Improvement. We're all in for innovation that's why we spend time working on robots and eye tracking, We are also proud to be a great team and a great place to grow in your chosen direction. We deliver the best solutions that give you the strongest advantages. Accelerating businesses with Unified Commerce solutions is our passion, so be sure that your questions will be answered.


Accessibility Audit

Our team will review your e-commerce and find any accessibility problems within your service, and help you meet WCAG 2.1 AA requirements. We'll work with you to go through your website and test with various platforms, browsers and assistive technologies to ensure you are in compliance with accessibility requirements, make your store more inclusive, and protect your business from litigation. We offer user testing with our professional testers, manual testing with assistive technologies and automated tests.

Unified Commerce

Snowdog specializes since 10 years in building commerce projects that provide a seamless customer experience, integrating channels and processes to bring the best out of your business. We focus on understanding our clients' businesses, their needs and the specific details that make their business special. We work with transparency and a vision to build long-lasting cooperation with our clients.

Mobile experiences

SNOW.DOG's mission is to craft and elevate the way people experience digital technology by using our expertise, passion and creativity. We are interested in all mediums where digital solutions have the potential to enhance how we interact with our environment. Our goal is to unite the online with the offline by creating a seamless experience through mobile, tablet, kiosk or robotic interactions. We also take advantage of the opportunities that Augmented Reality and other fully customized backend solutions can provide.

UX design

The Snowdog Design team creates intuitive digital services and products that will keep your customers coming back again and again. We conceptualize and design digital experiences based on research and real user data to grow customer satisfaction and reach business goals. We offer UX research to help you to find out how people really use your website, accessibility audit - to open up your service to everyone. We can help you to create UX strategy to launch a new digital product or idea to finally complement your business with UX/UI design.

Visual recommendation system (Snowdog group) is a SaaS product aimed to make customer product recommendations easier and simpler for small and medium on-line stores. To help Qanuk clients reach their business goals, artificial intelligence and machine learning models are used to provide truly personalized recommendations for their customers. Currently, offers three types of such recommendations: • visual recommendations: suggestions based on visual similarity • behavioural recommendations: suggested based on the analysis of users' activity and interaction with the page. The model analyzes millions of events in order to predict and recommend selected products for each user in real-time • most popular: suggested based on the most frequently bought, the most frequently added to the cart, or the most frequently displayed

Commerce consulting

The solutions crafted at Snowdog are recognized worldwide in the commerce industry, online and in retail. Our team of specialists has a strong background working in advanced projects customized to the needs of each client. We cover all aspects of commerce, including commerce analysis, project planning, architecture, migration, implementation and customization. We are highly equipped and certified to give you the help and guidance you need to create or transform your commerce venture.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• Beauty & Skincare
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Fashion & Accessories
• Health & Wellness
• Jewelry
• Sports & Equipment




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