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If you want to drive traffic to your eCommerce website but don’t know how, if you need to migrate systems but don’t know when, or if you simply need maintenance but don’t have the skills. You’ve come to the right website development agency. Out-of-the-box hosting solutions rarely fit and may limit business growth, so we offer custom programming, development and marketing solutions. Why our customers trust us - at Wow we believe that our record speaks for itself. We have been developing eCommerce websites since 2002. We are a values-based business, we focus on purpose over profit first, which means our entire concentration is making sure the solution we build for you is the best, bar none.


BigCommerce Design and Deployment

First impressions count. Clean and appealingly designed pages help get customers onto your site. Do the customers feel at home and able to find what they are looking for quickly? This is all about site usability and is what makes them stay and convert. We can deploy a template, build a custom site, or modify your existing site. The Wow team can transform your BigCommerce website into something that your customers will return to again and again.

ECommerce Migrations

It can seem like a daunting task, however with our help it is simple! Is it time to Replatform your eCommerce site? If your current platform is no longer working for you – be it preventing growth, or limiting business practices, it may be time to replatform. This refers to moving from one platform to another, for example, Magento to Shopify, or WooCommerce to BigCommerce. We can move over all of your data to a new platform, which can have great benefits, such as superior customisation options and enhanced ease of navigation, which improves the customer experience. It will be dependent on what you need from a platform, but we can guide you through the most suitable platforms for you. Wow’s team of program developers has extensive experience of conducting error-free automated migrations to import all product images, descriptions, past orders, contact information and other important data onto the BigCommerce platform.

Bespoke Solutions

Here at WOW!, we know that a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not give you the high-quality, user-friendly website you deserve. With online retail being so saturated, it’s important to us that your business stands out and establishes itself as a leader at the forefront of your industry, which is why we offer the bespoke route. By offering bespoke e-commerce solutions for your business, you have the opportunity to reap a host of advantages to help thrust your business to success. A strong online presence will help drive sales and encourage high levels of engagement, taking full advantage of the vast global market and diverse audience, which makes e-commerce so advantageous over traditional retail.

Integration Services

Custom programming and integration services are any web-based process or functionality that helps a business run more efficiently and increases profitability. Creating a strong online presence is vital in establishing your brand identity and forming trust, but it’s not enough to just have a busy e-commerce shop. The internet is a vast place, so you need to reach the huge online demographic, which means expanding your business to various platforms, taking on social media, infiltrating online communities and niches. With over 20 channels on Shopify, your potential reach is infinite, if you truly grab every avenue available. Creating a consistent brand across all platforms by syncing product information will enhance your brand presence and authority, and drive flocks of customers if done effectively. It’s important to understand your customer base, so you can expand with them. Some businesses see success with Shopify’s Point of Sale, which allows business-owners to create physical, and even pop-up locations, ideal for tech-savvy consumers. With e-commerce quickly overtaking traditional retail, ensuring your platforms are PC-browser, app and mobile friendly is key. Unlocking the top tiers of success in the e-commerce industry requires complete store optimisation. With over 100 gateways available, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay’s one-field checkout, streamlining the checkout process by ensuring potential customers can pay via any method will avoid abandoned carts.

Analytics and Reporting

One of the most crucial elements to any eCommerce project is utilising and understanding Analytics. The eCommerce tracking, which can be done through Google Analytics, allows you to accurately track the number of transactions made on your website, the revenue that is generated and the sources of where those customers came from. Be it directly, through organic searches, paid searches, social media or other channels, we’ll know exactly where users came from to make a purchase on your website. For any eCommerce entrepreneurs just starting out, setting up Analytics correctly and understanding the data can be quite a daunting undertaking. However, our teams have been using Google Analytics for 10+ years so they are extremely well versed in the platform. Wow Group has facilitated hundreds of eCommerce campaigns meaning whether you’re looking for an eCommerce website construction, marketing or consultancy, we can use our many years of experience to help you hit your targets.

SEO & Content Marketing

Being at the top of relevant search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines is crucial for any eCommerce business. We have a saying at Wow Group that you could hide a dead body on the second page of Google! In this day and age, it’s all about immediacy and users will rarely go onto the second page of search engine results which is why eCommerce SEO should be an integral part of your sales generation strategy. Investing is a no brainer as the expenditure is relatively low and the long term benefits are just too good to miss out on. We have seen numerous eCommerce businesses ignore SEO and continuously spend extortionate amounts on paid advertising. That’s not to say paid advertisement methods don’t have their place in the world of digital marketing because they most certainly do! However, if eCommerce SEO and creating engaging online content can decrease your overall marketing expenditure in the long term, then it’s a no brainer.

Advanced Services

Here at WOW! we can also provide other advanced services to support your eCommerce business, such as back-office integration and CRM systems. We offer application development and mobile site optimisation. We have in-house designers and UX specialists. Everything to get your store setup and to keep it running at its optimum.

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• Consumer Electronics
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• Home & Interiors
• Jewelry
• Sports & Equipment



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