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New Madison Ave is a full-service, hybrid eCommerce, digital & technology agency. We help clients chart a strategic course through their unique digital transformation. Our development & technology team makes the vision a reality to drive performance improvements. Using our Art of the Possible, proprietary digital strategic process, we uncover hidden opportunities for clients. Creating & executing digital strategy requires an ensemble of different talents from the boardroom, creative studio & computer room. The complexities of B2B are our specialty as evidenced by our Bundle B2B Certification. Our senior level team understands the digital systems & human intersections to ensure a smooth transition.


Digital Growth Strategies

Creating the right strategy is critical to client success. New Madison Ave helps companies focus on what’s right for their customers. Digital transformation is not just a technology change, but an organization and behavior change. We ensure proper consideration of customer experience, competitive analysis, rational revenue forecasts and cost estimates. Using digital as a strategic tool we help create innovative strategies and tactics to grow the company, differentiate itself in the market and optimize costs.

Turning Strategic Vision into eCommerce Reality

We design and create experiences that are relevant, enjoyable and make it easy for customers to do business with you. This includes integrating mobile, social and headless commerce into seamless experiences. We make the tech part of eCommerce simple. Using only high-quality software ensures that your site is fast, responsive and integrates securely with enterprise systems. Moving off of Magento, Shopify and Volution has never been easier. Our migration playbook helps make your transition from these platforms to BigCommerce easy and cost- effective. We provide the talent, tools and knowledge to help you keep your site up to date and extend its capabilities with new features and functions.

B2B Specialists

B2B digital commerce is complex. It involves dealer networks, requires customized pricing and promotions, integration with enterprise systems and different payment methods. Quoting in many instances is needed. B2B commerce is also transformational. It impacts sales, marketing and operations. One of our unique services is helping management navigate this change and minimize organizational disruption.

BundleB2B Certified

BundleB2B delivers advanced B2B functionality and allows businesses to easily facilitate B2B operations online.

Quote Ninja Certified

Quote Ninja is the BigCommerce tool you need to convert more B2B customers, and streamline your quoting process.

Digital Marketing

Improve awareness, generate more traffic and improve conversion with our marketing services. Target and personalize your message using a combination of e-mail, PPC, SEO and social marketing. We help you tell and promote a compelling story. Other services include product photography, videography and copywriting. All the services you need to launch, maintain and grow your business.

Comprehensive Analytics

BigCommerce provides solid out of the box analytics. Many businesses have the need for specialized analytics and infrastructures that require high-end engineering and data scientists to accomplish. In addition to sales, marketing, product analytics and big data solutions, we have a growing specialty in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data.

Data Products & Services

Using the power of data, we help our clients create new and differentiated data products and services. We successfully discover those hidden data opportunities that improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. We help you imagine the positive impact a data product or service could have on your marketing investment, brand and positioning and then help create it. With AI and Intelligent Agents, data products and services become a new marketing and sales channel.

Artificial Intelligence

We make AI useful to our clients. Intelligent Agents using IBM’s Watson’s platform and Google agent framework provide the foundation for near-human reactions 24/7. Combined with computer vision, these two technologies are improving the operations of many companies.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• Books & Magazines
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Consumer Electronics
• Education
• Food & Beverage
• Sports & Equipment




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